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We are proud to present our 2023-2024 season! For over forty years, American Theatre Company has focused on presenting "great stories, well told." We continue that tradition this year with productions ranging from the rollicking Great American Trailer Park Musical to the more thoughtful themes explored in Skeleton Crew, American Buffalo, and The Christians. 

RV on Land
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 The Great American Trailer Park Musical 

October 7-15, 2023 | Doenges Theatre, Tulsa PAC

"More fun than a chair-throwing episode of Jerry Springer set to music." - The New Yorker

This story has, at its center, a love triangle between an agoraphobe, a highway toll collector, and an exotic dancer with an unhinged ex-boyfriend. A trio of trailer park women helps guide the narrative, playing any character or gender they choose while breaking the fourth wall at whim to air their own dirty laundry. The result is a sense of informality and community -- the lifeblood of neighborhoods everywhere. At its core, the show is about rising above our impulses, our mistakes, and our surroundings to make a future we can believe in, despite the past.

Christmas Lights
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 A Christmas Carol 

December 9-23, 2023 | Tulsa PAC

American Theatre Company's presentation of "A Christmas Carol" has been delighting Tulsa audiences for over 45 years. A timeless tale of hope and redemption, this production represents community theater at its best. American Theatre Company's own original musical, this production is truly "Made in Oklahoma." It is written, composed, designed, acted, directed, and produced by Tulsans. 

Each year "A Christmas Carol" creates a special opportunity for multiple generations to enjoy the theatre together, whether as audience members or participants in the production. Tulsans who were brought to the production as children are now bringing it to their children. Join us in this special Tulsa tradition! 

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 Skeleton Crew 

March 3-11, 2023 | Doenges Theatre, Tulsa PAC

"Timely and political without being preachy., elegantly executed and, best of all, brimming with emotion." - The Hollywood Reporter

Skeleton Crew centers on an auto factory on the brink of closure in 2008 Detroit. A makeshift family of workers navigates the imminent loss of their livelihoods; power dynamics shift and they are pushed to the limits of survival. When the line between blue collar and white collar gets blurred, how far over the lines are they willing to step?

Grainy Surface
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Grainy Surface

 American Buffalo 

May 5-13, 2023 | Tulsa PAC

Three small-time hustlers want a bigger cut of the American dream. So together, Don, Teach, and Bobby discuss their plans to commit a robbery in Don's flailing pawn shop. Their every word (and silence) mean more than what it seems. American Buffalo digs into the minds and conversations of the desperate, bringing the characters and their plight into razor-sharp focus.

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 The Christians 

July 13-16, 2023 | Studio 308

Twenty years ago, Pastor Paul's church was nothing more than a modest storefront. Now he presides over a congregation of thousands, with classrooms for Sunday School, a coffee shop in the lobby, and a baptismal font as big as swimming pool. Today should be a day of celebration. But Paul is about to preach a sermon that will shake the foundation's of his church's belief. A big-little play about faith in America, and the trouble with changing your mind.

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